Friday, August 21, 2009

Charlottes card

My 5 year old girl charlotte has created a card today - full of bling!!! She thought that our ladies at craft group would like to make one of her cards and wanted to put it on my blog and the display table at church!! It is really VERY pretty!


I am involved in our church craft group. We have called it 'create'. I am currently working on decorating the letters for the word 'create' and i will be putting it on the display table at church each week. I am planning on doing one letter per week. Here is the first letter i have worked on - the R - and the next one you can see that i have painted ready to work on is the letter E

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some extra pics from the cards below

Two flower cards

I have made 2 new flower cards - same design - different papers!

Hope you like them!

Some recent creations

Well i haven't blogged in so long purely cos my computer wouldn't even let me into the blogger site. It would just chuck me out! But for some reason now it does let me!

I have a few recent creations that i think are 'fab' and i wanted to share them with you.


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