Saturday, March 7, 2009

My most favorite card at the moment

Well this one i am pretty proud of and happy with. It has a waterfall thing inside that you could stick photos onto or just embellish?

A friend from schooll - Faye - gave myself and about 3 or 4 others a little class after school last year on how to make these cards. It was so much fun. But when i left i had only made the base card and not decorated the front of it at all. So last week i decided it was time to pull it out and finish the job!

All the edges of the green card are inked with a rose ink. I distressed the edges of the patterned paper and straight stiched around it. I inked the lemon and pink diamond card with emerald ink. They are also distressed but a little hard to tell after i zig zag stiched it. There are rhinestones in each corner. The flower - cut from the sizzix has 5 layers and a button on top. The ribbon accross the front has green and pink through it. The tab on the side that you pull to show the waterfall flaps on the inside has a narrow pink strip down it that is also zig zig stiched and finished off with a metal embellishment.

I hope you like it.

Mucking around again

I bought some new oval spellbinder nestablities and i wanted to play around and see what i could do with them. Well i like that you can either make a frame or a solid oval. Quite cool really. I also got a large box of mixed ribbons with some birthday money and this ribbon worked perfectly with the colours. It had spots of green and brown and pink on it. I really should've added some brown onto the card as well. I think i let myself down when i don't do enough layering of colours on my cards. When i am making them i think that they are ok - its not till later when i see Amy's cards here that i realise i could've done more on mine. She is amazing with her layering of colours - even if it is just in the background. It really makes a difference. Maybe i should set myself a challenge of improving this card - make a one the same but add layers or other stuff.

Girls school journals

I actually covered these journals for the girls on Black Saturday just before the fires(for those from overseas - that was the 7th Feb - when it was 47 degrees celsius and when 210 people died in the bushfires) I needed to cover about 15 books that day - 5 for each of my kids at school. And i decided to do something a bit more special for the girls journals. I took photos of them before i covered them in clear contact. I was afraid that i might stuff up the clear stuff and ruin them - but they actually covered really easily. I stamped their name down the right hand side and i let the girls choose 2 sheets of patterned paper they liked for the strips and the flowers. They were really happy and proud of them.

I'm back

Well I'm back in action. My computer broke down..... the poor thing. It took my computer man over a week to figure out what was wrong with it. I think the RAM broke!! So i haven't had access to a computer for a while! I think it almost killed my husband and eldest son. I was trying to get them to realise that there is a life outside the internet! It is amazing how much time you have to get things done when your not sitting on the computer all the time!


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