Saturday, March 7, 2009

My most favorite card at the moment

Well this one i am pretty proud of and happy with. It has a waterfall thing inside that you could stick photos onto or just embellish?

A friend from schooll - Faye - gave myself and about 3 or 4 others a little class after school last year on how to make these cards. It was so much fun. But when i left i had only made the base card and not decorated the front of it at all. So last week i decided it was time to pull it out and finish the job!

All the edges of the green card are inked with a rose ink. I distressed the edges of the patterned paper and straight stiched around it. I inked the lemon and pink diamond card with emerald ink. They are also distressed but a little hard to tell after i zig zag stiched it. There are rhinestones in each corner. The flower - cut from the sizzix has 5 layers and a button on top. The ribbon accross the front has green and pink through it. The tab on the side that you pull to show the waterfall flaps on the inside has a narrow pink strip down it that is also zig zig stiched and finished off with a metal embellishment.

I hope you like it.



OPPS!!! You have proved my last comment to be wrong hehe.
This looks awesome good job on the water fall!!! I am far to lazy to do stuff like that its much easier to layer for me.
Check out how you spelt school hehhe I found a spelling mistake!!
keep up your stamping!!!

Winter said...

Looks like alot of work, but so worth it! It is so pretty! Great job!


Could you hurry up and make some more cards!! Do you think you have 4 children or something?

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous Fiona. Love all the stitching and inking detail you've added. Very pretty. Anita. xx PS. Thanks for you comment on my blog today. I appreciate your support and kind thoughts.


I know this card is your fav but i need new!!! dont wanna hear your excuses just get your bootee back into action!!! some time soon would be nice cath if you can tear yourself from the airport.


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