Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girls school journals

I actually covered these journals for the girls on Black Saturday just before the fires(for those from overseas - that was the 7th Feb - when it was 47 degrees celsius and when 210 people died in the bushfires) I needed to cover about 15 books that day - 5 for each of my kids at school. And i decided to do something a bit more special for the girls journals. I took photos of them before i covered them in clear contact. I was afraid that i might stuff up the clear stuff and ruin them - but they actually covered really easily. I stamped their name down the right hand side and i let the girls choose 2 sheets of patterned paper they liked for the strips and the flowers. They were really happy and proud of them.



BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!!! Why dont I have girls so I can make girly stuff!! They will have the best covered books in Australia I reckon Cath!!

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