Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scary Day in Melbourne

We have had fires all over Victoria since yesterday. Yesterday it was at least 48 degrees celsius with 70 kph winds. They have said this morning that at least 25 people have died and over 100 homes lost. And there are still active fires burning. We had friends that have had to move their live stock and could see the flames from their houses. They were hosing their home down to protect it. I was scared when after dinner i had just showered the kids and was hanging up their towels when i looked out the back window and could see glowing smoke billowing near our backyard. I called my husband - screaming - smoke - there is fire close! We checked the CFA website to see where it was coming from - it was about 5-10km away. Thankfully the wind dropped. My friends are safe - but are currently helping other of their friends shift horses to safety too. The fires are still burning. We all need to pray for rain and safety. It really puts your life into perspective when things like this happen.


Winter said...

I had a scare about 8 years ago, a fire started a couple of acres behind our house. We discovered it and called the fire department. The fire spread so quick, within about 45 minutes the fire department was at our house telling us we had 15 min. to get anything we wanted out of our house. We could see the flames coming over the tops of the trees behind our horses pasture. The fire department also had to hose our house down. That was very scarey! Praise God the fire got under control and everyones houses were fine! I will keep you all in our prayers!


HI FEE!!!! Gee Its been really bad this year for fires, I thought that when i rang this afternoon that you might be busy with your birthday :) but wanted to check in to make sure you were okay!!! Me and Sean are praying for you and friends, will try calling you again sometime. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
ps nz news hasnt gone into details but are the dandenongs ok!!!

Nancy said...

Fiona, we in NZ are just shocked about what has happened in your lovely state. Our daughter lives in Victoria but is further to the west. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

HI Thinking of you here in NZ!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!!

Tracey Old said...

Hi fiona, Hope you had a great birthday. Man I hope all the fires stop soon. Thinking of you and everyone around you. Keep safe.


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