Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Victorian Bushfires

I wanted to share some of what is happening in our lives this week - somehow cards and pretty papers just don't seem important right now.

This is a photo of Chateu Yering - very close to our kids school (within minutes).

Marysville Primary School - totally destroyed along with nearly all of Marysville

The smoke from the fires has even reached as far as New Zealand

What a tale of survival - a house safe amongst the fire

How hot must the fire have been to melt the wheels

People said it was like it was raining fire - this shows you how it did.

A wall of fire just sweeping through

These are just some of the photos of the fires that have devasted our area and most of the state. They are still burning. Three of our schools 4 teachers have been affected by the fires. They are safe and their homes are safe - but homes burnt around them. It is so hard to deal with the devastation and the terrifying stories that i continue to hear from people from our school who live amongst the fire affected areas.

Please give to the Red Cross Appeal and pray for the fire fighters who are still fighting to keep lives and properties safe. Pray for those who are grieving for lost families and friends and pray for those who have lost everything they owned.

But also praise God for those who were kept safe in only miraculous circumstances. I can only tell them that an Angel was sent by God protected them and their family as they were inside their home with fire all around but they came out unscathed and their house is ok. But fire was right up to the back door.

And here is my last photos - it was taken from my school crossing this morning. You can see the smoke from the nearby fires.


Anonymous said...

Hello Fiona ... I was so touched by your post & your photos. I will be praying that God will continue to watch over you & keep you & your loved ones safe. I have put a link to your photos on my blog ... to encourage as many people as possible to consider the SU! appeal. Thanks for sharing in what must be such a traumatic time! With Christian hugs, Andrea - Tongarra NSW (EnchantINK)

Chantelle said...

Amazing pictures and a touching post. Thinking and praying that God will keep you all safe.


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